Summer Heat Getting to You?

Does it seem to you that those of us who experience a change of seasons about this time of the year yearn for fall?   Many women like me have hair that is straight and wish for some curls while even health care professional women I know wish the seasons would change faster–until they do.  Just like my hometown (Chicago) my little town in Wyoming has mainly two seasons, summer (a hot one) and winter (long and cold).  If I had the magic to make the seasons “even” I sure would like a longer spring and fall!  Sadly I am only a mere human being, so I try to concentrate on the positives of summer and stay in the here and now.

How to stay cool and enjoy summer:

1.  I head for Dairyland at least twice a week for some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

2.  I wait until the sun is almost going down, then walk by our river–before the mosquitoes attack.

3.  I make a list of the events going on in town and attend them.  We recently enjoyed the PRCA rodeo, a salsa music concert in the park and are looking forward to our yearly craft fair. We may be a small town, but we know how to have fun!

4.  I am thankful for central air both at work and at home so I (and my three kitty daughters) are always nice and cool when indoors.

5.  We are looking forward to the total eclipse next month, as we live in one of the best vantage points in the country.  How often does something spectacular like that occur?

Sometimes just being content with what is and focusing on the positives right now can really make a difference in how we perceive what is going on outside–not just the weather.

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