Summertime and the Living is–Hot While the Earth is Heating up Too!

Seems the summers here in my little town in Wyoming, known for having a “temperate” climate are getting hotter. Noted the opening ceremony at the summer Olympics in Rio really shed light on the global warming crisis.

We in this state depend on the coal and oil industries mainly for our prosperity.  However, even though we may still find a lot of dinosaur remains, I don’t think anyone is expecting there to be more fossil fuel created.  That means we will run out of both oil and coal probably in a few years, while we help to enhance fuel emissions that are causing our earth to warm up.  I at first felt sorry for the poor Polar bears who are drowning because their icebergs are melting.  Now I am worried about the rest of us as our climate changes.


1.  Try to walk short distances to the store, etc. rather than taking our cars.

2.   In our state we can utilize our “natural renewable” resources more.  We have such strong wind that it can knock an empty trailer truck over!  We have sun about 320 days per year.  Therefore we can build more wind turbines and create more solar power systems so we can use less fossil fuels.

3. Buy hybrid cars (hopefully electric ones will become more efficient and practical in the future as well).

Can you think of other ways we can help save our planet by slowing down or maybe even stopping global warming?

An old Indian saying shared in essence that we do not inherit the earth but that we are here to help care for it and preserve it for our children.

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