What I Do

Who I Work With

I work with RNS new to the career or to leadership or alternative RN positions, who want a fast track to succeed as well as RNS who are either transitioning from nursing to another career or want to reinvent their life purpose at retirement. They are professional, motivated woman from age 21 through their sixties.

These highly dedicated RNS have high work ethics, want to really care about their patients, and if in a leadership position their staff, and want to be the best professionals they can be as a result.

When might you feel my help could be beneficial?

  • You end your day exhausted, then often can’t fall asleep worrying about your  patients (and staff if a leader).
  • You feel overwhelmed partly because of the belief you have to be “all things to all people all the time.”
  • You have no energy left over to take care of yourself and to spend quality time with your family and/or friends.

Clients Who Benefit The Most

The clients who benefit the most from my help are highly motivated professionals who have identified what they are presently doing isn’t working, want to change and are willing to put in the effort to succeed based on wanting to create a great career and still maintain a good life balance.

How I Work

Nurse Career Success is dedicated to help nurses succeed through different stages of their career, and keep a healthy life balance at the same time.

RESPECT TEAMS – Nurse Leaders will be provided with a step-by-step process called “RESPECT TEAMS” for example to help them transition from excellent clinician to leaders of stellar teams, while those transitioning to alternative RN positions or to another career or are getting ready to reinvent themselves in retirement will also be given support, educational resource tools and individual and/or group motivational coaching to help achieve your goals. All coaching is done via the telephone. For your convenience, evening and Sunday hours are available as well.

Extra benefits from our work together include helping you:

  • Feel less stressed, by tempering work dedication with time for family/friends (i.e. self nurturing)
  • Become more motivated to self as well as work group assessment, developing your “emotional intelligence” more fully
  • Develop more self confidence, identify your present strengths and continue to build them up

The coaching process. I utilize my background in problem solving brief therapy, and stress management, along with my RESPECT TEAMS process I developed for nursing leaders to help Registered Nurses succeed. The programs help you first clarify what you want your ideal career and life to look like, then focuses on what is keeping you from succeeding, and finally explores fresh options to help you succeed, along with encouragement to take needed steps to reach your goals.

I am a graduate of the Career Coach Institute (ICF approved program), taking leadership and retirement coaching as my optional courses. I work with Nurses who want a great nursing career, are exploring career options and/or are wanting to reinvent themselves at retirement. I understand your issues and challenges from the inside, being a nurse who has worked in a variety of carreer settings and roles myself.

I know your challenges and issues. I can relate to you. I know what you’re experiencing, and I’ve succeeded myself. Since I am a “Baby Boomer” I also can relate to and help nurses who are getting ready to retire but don’t want to sit in a rocking chair.

  • I can help you advance your career quickly.
  • I can help you overcome  stressful challenges.
  • I can help you avoid pitfalls.
  • I can be your supportive mentor and role model.
  • (if you are looking forward to reinventing your life purpose, at retirment), I can help you retire into a great new lifestyle.


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What I Do